Our soups are made from scratch and ready to be served! We use family recipes from around the world!

1. Carrot & Coriander (Vegan)

2. Creamy Mushroom (Vegetarian)

3. Japanese Ramen

4. Lapskaus

5. Tom Kha Gai

6. Indian Chicken

7. Soup of the day (depending on what mother nature is offering us and the mood of the chef)

Pinsa Italiana

Pinsa is the result of over 100 years of Roman artisan baking experience, creativity, and expertise. Pinsa comes from the Latin “pinsere” or “push the dough by hands”. Pinsa is amazingly digestible. The dough is made of NON-GMO wheat, rice flour, and soy flour. This combination makes the Pinsa crunchy on the outside and even softer and lighter on the inside. The superior quality rice flour used in Pinsa allows the digestible dough to have lesser calories and fats than any other normal pizza due to the higher percentage of water in the dough.

We´re the only one in Bergen serving Pinsa!

On the menu

1.Pinsa Focaccia (Vegan)

2.Pinsa Margherita (Vegetarian)

3.Pinsa Calabrese (with Nduja from Spilinga)

4.Pinsa Belforte ( sun-dried tomatoes, salami)

5.Pinsa of the day (ask the chef)